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Reflect's Benefits

"Biofeedback grants you control over your mind-body neural circuits. Through seeing your body responding, your mind learns to regulate its feelings, emotions and bodily responses, and to build emotional resilience and relaxation."

Michal Gruberger
Chief Science Officer, Reflect Innovation

  • Control Your Stress

    Learn how to relax in under 10 minutes a day. Reflect’s innovative biofeedback device brings the power of biofeedback & meditation to the palm of your hands.

  • Sleep Better

    Train your body & mind to improve your sleep. Reflect’s unique biofeedback device will help you settle into sleep mode, without any screens or blue light-emitting devices.

  • See the Impact

    Track your progress with the Reflect App. Your meditation practice data will be automatically synced to the Reflect App, giving you real data-driven insights into your practice.

What Our Users Say

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"Reflect has been a game changer in my meditation practice! Not only has it been a great tool to help me build a daily habit, it has increased my confidence in my own ability to be aware on my mental state. Having the feedback during my meditation practice has allowed me to really make connection between my state and the body cues.. The team is so passionate about their product that I feel like more than a customer, but part of the Reflect family"

Mikaela S
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"Using the Orb is the most peaceful part of my day. I'm a teacher, and my days are crowded with so many personalities. I hear so many voices all day long, from my students, to the other teachers. Then I come home to a house with two teenage sons and a husband. They want dinner, they want to go somewhere fun and they argue over whose turn it is on the Xbox. I feel like I'm being nibbled by thousands of tiny fish, and in the end I'll be so glad if there is anything part of myself left for myself. Using the orb is my chance to listen in to myself."

Robin J
  • Soft vibration for
    haptic feedback

  • 12 hours of continuous battery life

  • WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivty

  • iOS & Android
    App Compatibility

  • Smart LED light ring

  • EDA & ECG

  • 01

    Take a seat and get comfy

    Settle into a comfortable position that you can stay in for a few minutes.

  • 02

    Sync with your Reflect

    Place hands on either side of your Orb, aligning it with the center of your body.

  • 03

    Focus your breath and relax

    Breathe mindfully for 1-3 minutes, watching the ring at the top of your Orb change colors

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